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Lolita Cummings Carson, author of “A Cow Needs a Tail For More Than One Summer: Life Lessons From Mom,” has proven her expertise in areas far beyond cows, tails and parenting. Cummings Carson specializes in public relations and has worked as a full professor at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich., for more than two decades. Before entering academia, she worked as a successful public relations professional for numerous nonprofit organizations and a fortune 500 corporation for nearly 10 years. She continues to consult with nonprofit organizations and businesses whose mission and work speaks to her heart, specializing in corporate social responsibility, strategic planning, crisis communication, promotions, marketing, grant writing and professional writing.

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“A Cow Needs A Tail For More Than One Summer: Life Lessons from Mom is healing for a humdrum day.”

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Book Reviews

These stories recall what might be considered a simpler time in American life; but they are foremost a testament to the enduring family values that helped to keep Black families anchored and secure in a world where they were sometimes not respected.  Cummings Carson’s humorous look at growing up…

Gloria Coles
Retired Director, Flint Public Library


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A Cow Needs A Tail For More Than One Summer: Life Lessons From Mom” is an amazing read! It’s a tale of great parenting, a strong willed child, and principles that stand the test of time. The main character Lolita, now a mother herself, takes you on a journey as she…”

La’Tasha Givens
11 Alive News Reporter,  Atlanta, GA


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Very necessary, “A Cow Needs A Tail For More Than One Summer: Life Lessons from Mom,” takes the reader on a journey of transformation. Growth, experience, wisdom . . . depending on the reader, there are so many different ways to…

Mama Sol
Lyricist, poet, motivational speaker & front woman of MAMA SOL & THA N.U.T.S.


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Momma knows best! Full of humor and with Carson takes us on a coming of age journey based on wise old sayings passed down from her mother. Her sage advice still…

Wanda Harden
Public Relations Coordinator, Flint Public Library (MI)


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Lolita Cummings Carson’s A Cow Needs A Tail For More Than One Summer helps readers understand the importance of family and capturing every memorable moment. In her short stories, Cummings Carson tells humorous stories that keep readers smiling but, most importantly, helps readers understand the ….

Siobhan Riley
Reporter/ Anchor, WREG Memphis, TN


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