An engaging collection of entertaining stories that’s sure to immediately capture the hearts of women and men everywhere, A Cow Needs A Tail For More Than One Summer reaches into the hills of Southern vernacular to teach basic lessons while utilizing the most bewildering sayings to prove each point and it’s all done in the most hysterical manner imaginable.

Yeah, you may say, but is it really funny? Well, how could readers not laugh out loud when Mom used sayings such as, “If I tell you a hen dips snuff, you’d better look under the wing,” to teach me to believe every word she said or “I’ve already fallen out of that tree you’re trying to climb,” to prove she already knew where I was going, because she had been there once herself.

Just dive into the first few pages, and brace yourself. Not only will you be smiling, you’ll find yourself outright laughing and begging for more!