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Lolita Cummings Carson Biography

Lolita Cummings Carson, author of “A Cow Needs a Tail For More Than One Summer: Life Lessons From Mom,” has proven her expertise in areas far beyond cows, tails and parenting.

Cummings Carson specializes in public relations and has worked as a full professor at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich., for more than two decades. Before entering academia, she worked as a successful public relations professional for numerous nonprofit organizations and a fortune 500 corporation for nearly 10 years. She continues to consult with nonprofit organizations and businesses whose mission and work speaks to her heart, specializing in corporate social responsibility, strategic planning, crisis communication, promotions, marketing, grant writing and professional writing.

When asked what aspect of her personality has most helped her succeed, Cummings Carson was direct and decisive.

“Focus and integrity,” she said. “I know what I am doing five minutes from now, five days from now, five years from now. I always have a plan and that plan is always centered in truth, honesty and transparency.”

Cummings Carson, an accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Western Michigan University and a master’s degree in Communications from Eastern Michigan University. She is a sought after thought leader who connects serious social issues with the hilarious sayings in her book. Such topics cross all generations and audiences and include corporate social responsibility, effective parenting, financial literacy, healthy and peaceful living, personal responsibility and accountability, thoughtful decision-making, learning from mistakes, and more!

When not writing, teaching or leading, Cummings Carson can be found biking or working out with her husband, Lamar Carson. Together, they are the parents of four grown children: Briana Hendrix, Jerry Hendrix II, Domonique Carson, and Daniel Carson.

Lolita Cummings Carson

Lolita Cummings Carson


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  • Public Relations 100%
  • Strategic Planning 100%
  • Crisis Communication 100%
  • Promotions 100%
  • Marketing 100%
  • Grant Writing 100%
  • Professional Writing 100%